The world is getting greener -
and castwerk is part of it

Under the motto "We make the automotive and urban world easier" - and by easier we mean less fuel consumption and wider range - we are the only company in Europe to offer our customers the full range of magnesium production technologies.

As the most modern company for magnesium production, castwerk GmbH & Co. KG understands the importance of efficiency very precisely and thus contributes significantly to the improvement of the CO2 balance. The special features of magnesium are, for example, weight optimisation and the high strength of the component. This technical know-how, competence of the employees and Hettich expertise create additional value for customers in a wide range of industries.

The company is not only a reliable partner for its customers and suppliers, but also for its employees, who develop its technologies.

Ecology is important to us.

Heiko Lange

"Thixomolding is a new and efficient process for manufacturing larger and more precise components."

Jan Schütz

"The magnesium scrap is reintroduced as a raw material into production on a one-to-one basis, making it an environmentally friendly product."

Jan Hill

"We are ensuring that the future vehicles emit less CO2 into the environment by reducing their weight."

Volker Nöchel

"The office building was designed and constructed in a passive manner for energy-efficient use."

Michael Walter

"The raw material is obtained from seawater and can thus be released back into nature."

Jörg Schmitt

"The employee vehicle fleet is designed in an environment-friendly way"



The thixomolding process enables the manufacturing of components that are larger and more precise. In addition to this, material and release agents are saved for sustainable production. While processing components, the environmentally harmful inert gas can be completely dispensed with.

Ecology and social responsibility

We invest in technologies that protect the environment and conserve resources. We are convinced that social, ecological and legal compliance does not hinder the economic success of a company. Rather, it promotes and secures long-term success.