More space for creativity. Creativity for more space.

Always one step ahead. Be it die casting or thixomolding, stamping or other processes: In all metal processing, we do not rely solely on proven technologies, but strive for new processes with which we can produce even more precisely, efficiently and reliably. At castwerk, we cooperate with leading universities and organisations and are always at the cutting edge of technology:


 "We make the automotive and urban world easier" - and by easier we mean less fuel consumption and wider range."


The special features of magnesium are weight optimisation and the high strength of the component.


We are the only company in Europe to offer our customers the full range of magnesium production technologies.

  • Knowhow

    Based on the latest magnesium technology, we develop kinematically optimal interior and storage solutions for the automotive industry and produce them as lightweight components of excellent quality - made in Germany. This bundle of competence makes castwerk the technology and innovation leader in this branch of industry and thus the best possible partner for your company.

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  • Automotive and electronic products

    The market requirements of our customers are the benchmark. We fullfil these requirements with tailor-made, kinematically optimal interior and storage solutions. A virtuoso in development and design combined with precision and quality in production

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