You need ambitious solutions? We create the suiting parts.
With our strategic product groups we are partners to different system providers for many years.

Housing assistance systems: The share of assistence systems in cars will multiply due to different applications in cars, e.g. city safety, head-up displays, blind spot warning system, lane departure warning.

Lightweight support systems: Already established in high class vehicles since many years, these systems now range down even to compact cars, e.g. in armrests or instrument panels.

Hinges, sliders and fasteners: The customer‘s desire for comfort is fulfilled by different applications in the center console and the trunk.

Dipoles: The die-casting technology is essential for the innovation of dipoles and reduces the number of parts needed for the system mobile radio antenna.

Functional parts made of zinc: Zinc die-casting is suitable for special applications in  small component areas with high quantity and  high requirements in terms of precision and accuracy, e.g. self-closing doors and tailgates, outside door handle mechanisms.