An idea evolves into a product

We can provide anything from a simple component to a working module, from a plastic coated metal part to an extremely complex functional group. The process chain follows an approach that always focuses on both the customer and project. Specialising in the development and industrial production of high-quality components, assemblies and systems at serial level, Hettich supplies prominent companies in key sectors of industry across the globe. Hettich is renowned as a flexible, efficient and creative partner with a track record of success stretching back many years in a demanding and challenging market. Covering the castwerk business units, we are a division of the Hettich Group with operations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain.

  • castwerk: You produce systems. We supply the components.

1. Consulting

For us, personal contact in consulting and customer service goes without saying. Experienced engineers, developers and expert business consultants turn requirement profiles into all-embracing solutions that cover every production factor from profitability analysis to logistics.

2. Development

We follow a zero-defect strategy with project support every step of the way. This starts with concept definition and consulting, continues through the development and design phase and covers every stage in production and logistics. The entire portfolio for mechanical assemblies and components is also available to our customers.

3. Prototyping

We use cutting-edge rapid-prototyping techniques to produce models and functional prototypes of components and assemblies. This is done on state-of-the-art NC milling machines, stereo lithography apparatus, sheet-metal machining and vacuum casting facilities.

4. Tool and die making

On 620 m² of floor space, a experienced 50-strong team oversees all of the processes involved in making tools. Project responsibility starts with importing data and continues with developing / optimising articles, designing tools, simulating mould filling, tool-making, sampling, measuring and testing and extends right through to releasing components and complex assemblies for serial production. Our tooling portfolio covers tools for plastic injection moulding, including complex hot runner technology and tools for die-casting zinc and magnesium. Servicing, maintenance and repair ensures tool availability throughout the article life cycle.

Tool design / New tools
We assist our customers as early as the component development and project planning phase with the aim of optimising production engineering and minimising tool costs. Our modern machinery gives us the basis for quickly responding to challenging client demands.
Intensive cooperation between our design, tool-making and production departments guarantee short throughput times, a high degree of flexibility and first-class quality. For our specialists, the constantly growing demands on quality, inventive spirit and an openness to new technologies are the driving forces behind advancing everything we produce.

Tool repair
Pursuing a strategy of preventive and targeted maintenance, we ensure the availability of tools throughout their life cycle. Our dedicated and committed team also makes sure tools are repaired at any time during production - 24/7. This way, tools can be quickly restored to proper working order.

5. Quality management

Quality management systems conforming to ISO TS 16949, environmental audits and EU environmental certification attest to state-of-the-art production facilities and methods of a high technical standard.

6. Serial production

Using cutting-edge technologies and methods, we are committed to short process chains in production. With the aim of ensuring zero-defect production, items always remain in the correct position for several consecutive processing operations.

7. Logistics

Behind Hettich Frankenberg is the infrastructure of a globalplaying company group with excellent communications and transport networks. Supply-chain reliability is based on a logistics network with competent local sourcing and procurement. Our warehouse and shipping staff work in 2 or, if necessary 3 shifts a day to meet customer demand. On 09.05.2011 we were awarded AEO status (Authorized Economic Operator) - customs simplifications/security - by the district customs office in Giessen. All kinds of pallets and packaging material can be stored and delivered.